Maureen Vollmer is a photographer and communication designer living in Berlin, Germany. She loves to travel and searching for new pictures.

Maureen has worked with different clients ranging from Magazines to wineries and loves the diversity of work and clients.

After studying Photography and Graphic Design at FH Potsdam, she graduated in 01/2012 with Diploma.

Her photographs have been featured in several exhibitions in Germany. She has been based in Potsdam/Berlin since 2005. 

CV and Details upon request. For any requests or collaborations please sent an email.


Clients include

c3 Berlin

Wohngemeinschaften e.V.

Weinkontor Freund


annex Möbel


Bühne für Menschenrechte



Visapix GmbH

Heilpraktikerin Gabriele Tobusch

Para Silencio

and some more